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Bathroom Mosaic Tiles

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Bathroom Mosaic Tiles

Bathroom Mosaic Tiles

Product Parameters

Product Name Bathroom Mosaic Tiles
Item No. STB314
Supply Type Sell
Category Construction > Tile > Mosaic Tile

Detailed Product Description

This Mosaic is collocated with long and short silver metal and carved-flower, which make it more vivid.

1. Ultra strong stick force
The self-adhesive we used American 3M two-side glue with excellent viscous force, may adapt the north and south ambient temperature (-30°C to 80°C), avoids the phenomenon of pellet falling.
2. Ultra weathering resistance
There are the unique superiority of coating corrosive resistance, pollution resistance, weather resistance, the product keep gorgeous luxurious for a long time, 10 years guarantees.
3. Uniform coating & Bright color
The adhesion between coating and metal is extremely good for using turns into processing and epithelium technology, homogeneous luster and various colors, completely obviously individuality.

Material: glass, marble, granite, ceramic, porcelain, metal(aluminum,stainless steel) resin,shell, solid wood, ice crackle/broken etc.
Usage—suitable for mural, art wall, fireplace, garden, office, hotel, bar, ktv, restaurant, spa room,laundry room, coffee shop, meeting room, dinning room, dormitory,  living Room, bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool etc.

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