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Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Our company, Chang Gang Chemical Co., Ltd. has been operating and manufacturing fertilizers for more than 50 years. It has undergone environmental changes and has accumulated excellent results and experience at various stages. It has been able to continue its operations so far. It is entirely based on good "reputation" and professional " "Technology" is the operating principle. With the improvement of people's quality of life, more and more attention is paid to physical health, and more attention is paid to organic agriculture. Therefore, the company established the second plant, Chang Hsing Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in 1993, which mainly produces organic fertilizers. From chemical fertilizers to organic agriculture, Chang Gang has played a role in sustainable development along the way, working with farmers and partners from all walks of life. , Walking side by side on the road of friendly earth. Chang Gang Fertilizer is gradually transforming its business physique and moving towards a sustainable corporate benchmark.
1. Product Type:
(1) The company specializes in producing fertilizers that can meet the needs of consumers. There are many types of products. Both compound organic fertilizers and pure organic fertilizers are produced. Because of the long history of manufacturing fertilizers and the professional manufacturing technology, the fertilizers have various forms and round shapes. Granules, strip granules, and powders are available, and are manufactured by OEMs from other brands.
(2) In order to meet the all-round needs of consumers, the company also handles import fertilizers.

2. Product Categories:
Organic fertilizer:
The company is a legal manufacturer that is in line with the organic fertilizer promotion and guidance of the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan. The raw materials we use are plant-based meal with added trace elements and microorganisms. On the other hand, it can improve the acidification of the soil; and the products have passed the heavy metal inspection. , Strictly require quality control.

Compound fertilizer:
The compound fertilizer produced by our company is a compound fertilizer that contains organic. Because of the high three-element components and high organic content, it has the characteristics of quick-acting and slow-acting. And long-term use does not damage the soil, and is used for top dressing of fruit trees and tea trees. It can not only increase yield and better quality; it is a truly complete fertilizer.

In the future, Chang Gang will continue to advance with the concept of "sustainable management and quality assurance". Let Chang Gang and all consumers create a win-win situation.

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