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Since its establishment, Transye Innovation Inc. has aimed to specialize in the business of safe building materials, and actively conducts professional research on the building materials for partition walls. From the acquisition of raw materials, production and manufacturing processes, and quality control, the construction team in Transye uses the technical guidance to improve and enable customers to quickly apply the materials sold by the company, creating a win-win situation between the Transye and its customers.

Transye’s MIT lightweight brick production facility is located in Longjing District, Taichung City, near the Taichung Thermal Power Plant and the Taichung Port. The plant is 3,300 square meters in size and produces MIT lightweight bricks automatically. From the pneumatic conveying and control system for the raw materials, the automatic system for drying, calcining and rotary kiln, the high-precision automatic brick-making equipment, the billet care and drying equipment, to the fully automatic mechanical packaging system, the company is the leading model for producing the best quality lightweight bricks in Asia.

MIT lightweight bricks are awarded with the Green Building Materials Label and the Recycled Green Building Materials Label as a result of the dust removal and collection from the raw material delivery and the production process, as well as the recycling system during the manufacturing process. Over the years, the company has insisted on the philosophy of quality control and meeting the expectations of the market demand to continuously develop outstanding products based on the advanced technology as well as research and development in Taiwan, which has won the recognition and long-term cooperation from many customers around the world.

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