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NAK Sealing Technologies Corporation

Company Introduction

NAK is the leading brand of customized sealing components. Focus on the development and optimization of customized sealing components. The main product lines include oil seals, rotary seals, hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, static seals, O-Rings, V-Rings, etc. The field of expertise covers application environments such as automobiles, industry, agriculture and construction machinery.

The word StreamSyn is derived from Stream and Synergy, which means NAK can master every process of seal product development, combined with seal development experience in various industries, so that NAK can closely connect with customer product development processes, thereby providing comprehensive seals. Piece solutions.

NAK designs seals that best meet the needs of specific application environments for customers. We deeply explore industry needs and technological development trends, invest in basic science and engineering professional research, and focus on the design and development of high-performance sealing components, assisting customers in solving all problems from seal design to client production processes.

From its establishment in 1976 to the present, facing the challenges of the continuous upgrading of industrial environment and technology, the NAK R&D team has accumulated 45 years of technology and experience, and can provide the most suitable seal selection program, from the choice of seal type to the best seal Structural design, material and functional testing, installation, and sealing capabilities continue to be optimized. No matter what problems are encountered, NAK can help customers break through bottlenecks and continuously strengthen product performance from nearly half a century of experience.

No matter where you are, NAK R&D staff can discuss R&D and design issues at any time through video conferences. NAK regularly dispatches R&D personnel to the client to conduct face-to-face technical seminars, listen to the problems faced by customers, and provide the most suitable suggestions and solutions through StreamSyn's full-process technical services.

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