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ParaPara Corporation
From single furniture to system, ParaPara’s product are designed to meet the real needs of people who work in all kinds of offices ( big space, small office, living room of home, even garage…), start from 30 years ago by traditional office furniture to electrical furniture now, our product follow the healthy tender, to make height adjust furniture, allow people to become more productive at what they do. We have same purpose as most furniture maker; make furniture that helps people do their work in comfort, good health, and safety.
We manufacture Gaming furniture for Game player, who sit long time even than working people, as we know they are more interested in something different and fun than office people.
We have sporting working furniture, to whom who may like working & exercising at same time, gain effective and healthy.
We have electrical high adjust furniture, for IT elite, who like organize by remote control.
And also working with furniture factory, offer them the customized component to their own design furniture, since we have high effective machine and good training R & D.

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