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Mei Juang was established in February 1994. When the company started to get into the brick production industry, we visited Europe, America, and Japan, and realized the vast application of the high pressured concrete blocks in pavers and walls. Mei Jaung recognized the characteristic of the variety in concrete blocks and decided to go for mass production.
Recently, due to global warming, the rise of the awareness on ecological issues, and the problems related to conventional houses, such as heat preservation and high consumption in energy, we begin to think of a better way to construct our buildings. After some research and study, we noticed that the concrete hollow block is an outstanding material for buildings. The concrete block has great heat and sound insulation properties, and was utilized in many countries. In Taiwan, the history of the concrete block can be traced back for more than 70 years, let along the countries in Europe. The reasons why the follow blocks are not used as much are the coarse appearance on the block’s surface and the lack of building techniques.
As early as 2004, Mei Juang started intensively in the research of concrete block and invented the culture green blocks. Our team worked with experts and academic organization. In addition, we consult with data in the past in Europe, America, and Japan, regarding the specification of the concrete blocks to overcome the shortcomings of the culture green block while possessing the strength, beauty, heat insulation, and soundproof property. So far, Mei Juang has constructed over 30 buildings using this new technology. We hope in the future, we can build more dream homes for you.
Home is the center of our lives, and a basic unit in our society. It is also our school, hospital, and a safe haven in our hearts. We will continue to keep this belief and construct a safe and comfortable living space. We will keep growing to improve the quality of our products and, in turn, improve the living quality in people’s lives.

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