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In recent years, due to global warming, the awareness of environmental protection and green energy has risen, and the shortcomings of traditional homes such as heat absorption, heat storage and energy consumption have led us to think about how to use more energy-efficient materials to build houses. It is understood through research that cement hollow brick is a high-quality building material. It has many advantages such as heat insulation and sound insulation, and has been widely used in various countries. According to research, it has been found that hollow brick buildings have been built in Taiwan for more than 70 years and have been widely used in European countries a long time ago. However, the continuous application of hollow bricks in Taiwan is due to the rough and unattractive appearance of traditional hollow bricks, and the failure of Taiwan's architectural culture and construction technology to follow up. As early as 2004, Mei Juang actively carried out research and developed a cultural green energy brick that is different from the traditional hollow brick. The research team combines experts in the field of construction and academic units, and refers to European, American, and Japanese hollow brick building codes, so that cultural green energy bricks can get rid of the disadvantages of traditional hollow bricks. Mei Juang's cultural green energy bricks have been built in more than 30 cases across Taiwan, and we look forward to continuing to build a dream home for everyone in the future.

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