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The founder, Mr. Chen Shaozong, was in charge of the pharmacy department of the Northeastern University of Sendai City in the Japanese occupation era. After he returned to China, he founded the pharmaceutical factory in 1948 and named it “Sendai Pharmaceutical Factory”.

  Mr. Chen Shaozong is the first pharmacist in Tainan (No. 001), and Mrs. Chen, who also receives Japanese education.
Wu’s saddle heart is an outstanding midwife, and there are countless babies born through her. In the poor medical environment at that time, they found that most of the babies were born with fetal fire or jaundice. Therefore, Mr. Chen Shaozong carefully developed the red baby oral liquid that can regain the fire and sputum, and this product will become the first brand in Taiwan in the future. The factory also produces other drugs and has become a large-scale class A pharmaceutical factory in Taiwan.
   In 1989, due to business development needs, a new Chinese and Western pharmaceutical factory in accordance with GMP conditions was established in Xinying Industrial Zone and renamed as “Sendai Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.”; in 1991, an independent food factory was established at the site to start research and development. Manufacturing health foods and commissioned by other industries.

  In order to improve the pharmaceutical level, it passed the cGMP inspection in 2006 and is now commissioned by many pharmaceutical companies. In 2010, it added a cosmetics factory and passed the ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 three-in-one certification. In order to comply with the trend of the world and the regulations of Taiwan's Weifu Department, the pharmaceutical company passed the Western Medicine PIC/S GMP evaluation in 2016.

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