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DOUBLE LOVE INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE CO. was established in 2013, when the global and government agencies vigorously promoted the breastfeeding program; the founder is in the midst of pregnancy, deeply understanding the mother's love, and hopes that the child will grow up healthily, so the breastfeeding plan is also the same A parenting mission for mothers and sons.
Modern families are mostly double-paying families. Mothers are difficult to bear. They must bear the two major responsibilities of sharing the family and raising children.
We started from the mother's empathy, insisted on giving the baby the best breastfeeding quality, assisted the mother to complete the breastfeeding program, so we developed a bottle of double-cover bottle according to the needs of the professional mother.
A bottle of double-cap bottle:
1 can also be connected to the breast pump, while storing breast milk, while feeding directly into the three
2 The bottle can be used as a food container, biscuit box, sealed can, universal can...
Bottles and accessories, the whole process of Taiwan design and manufacturing, let the mother buy the rest assured, the baby is happy.
As the company grows, we develop a range of high quality and safe baby intimate clothing.
1.Baby clothes: 120 high-density cotton gauze, organic cotton gauze, negative ion gauze, fine cotton rabbit, organic cotton rabbit and related textile accessories, all selected for modern top materials and in line with Taiwan's commodity inspection regulations .
2. Baby carton bed: Taiwan patented weight 30 kg and SGS printing flawless inspection, moisture-proof, anti-pinch design, environmentally friendly, safe and convenient baby second portable crib.

Product design and development concept:
Most of the early contact bottles are printed by single-brand LOGO, and the color is monotonous. We are the first in Taiwan to use high-temperature boroic acid (heat-resistant 600-degree explosion-proof glass bottle) and use lively and lovely colors to print animal parent-child patterns, which is not only costly. Even proofing is longer than others, but it is our first choice to have more secure protection and a pleasant feeling.

Business extension ss exhibition:
Thanks to the major post-natal care homes of the major hospitals and the Taiwanese sub-centers of the whole Taiwan to purchase our Taiwanese series of products, so that we can more carefully demand the quality of our products.

Although we are a few steps late, we are determined to become an entrepreneur who can contribute to society. Convenience, safety and environmental protection are our goals. We don't do the biggest, we only want the most peace of mind.

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