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About www.anklesupportsupplier.com
www.anklesupportsupplier.com is a healthcare and beauty oriented brand that was established in 2014 while the parent company has been created in 1990. Originally the company produced specialized footwear, but the focus was later redirected to the manufacture and sale of medical and healthcare products. www.anklesupportsupplier.com products are therefore manufactured at a medical device GMP factory which has 25 years of experience in this field and has customers in more than 60 countries around the world.
The name of the brand is derived from observations of the natural mutualistic relationship between vines and trees. The image of a vine wrapped around the trunk of a tree is representative of the way the www.anklesupportsupplier.com patented technology is applied to support the human body by targeted compression. The name BodyVine was therefore formally adopted to present the image of healthcare and beauty contributions the brand wished to convey.
The Vine-like Compression Taping Concept of www.anklesupportsupplier.com uses thin, flexible, but strong elastomeric materials, in combination with the knowledge of the human musculo-skeletal structures, biomechanics, and the theory of athletic Kineso taping to provide 360 degree coverage of specified body parts to provide support and protection. Unnecessary tendon and muscular vibrations and rotations are prevented and blood circulation is boosted. This reduces the fatigue experienced by a user during work or exercise, enhances physical performance, and minimizes the risk of injury. Flexi-Gel is also incorporated in the design of specific products to provide extra alleviation of the fatigue, swelling and pain from injury while encouraging the self-regenerative functions of the body.
Furthermore, the Vine-like Compression Tapings of www.anklesupportsupplier.com can be applied to target soft tissue of specific parts of the body to tighten up and remold shape. The thin, flexible, and strong www.anklesupportsupplier.com taping allows the design of products that blend perfectly and discreetly with undergarments and tights. This in turn allows our products to mold and sculpt the curves and posture of the body.
At www.anklesupportsupplier.com, we believe that active health maintenance is an attitude as well as an aesthetic lifestyle. www.anklesupportsupplier.com aims to provide the greatest benefit possible and the products can be routinely worn every day to give effective protection and the augmentation of physical function. We want to correct the stereotype impression that braces and supports are something needed only after injuries. www.anklesupportsupplier.com encourages the modern individuals to actively pursue their desired standard of health and beauty in an easier way… even with their packed business schedules. The vision www.anklesupportsupplier.com presents to their clients is one of being Wrapped in Health and Beauty.

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