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Biozyme Biotechnology Cor

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Company Introduction

Brand Story
• Biozyme was founded in 1981; it was the first microorganism mutualistic fermentation technology research company in Taiwan. The founder Mr. Huang is also known as the “bare-foot CEO” among the biotechnology industry. Growing up in a farm, Mr. Huang is down-to-earth and diligent, always keen on solve the mystery of the microbial world. Follow the traditional fermentation process to combine multiple fruits, vegetables, and herbal sources, to innovate the advanced “Microorganism Symbiosis Ferment Technology (MSF)”, which can maximized the nutrition value of natural fruits and vegetables.
• Biozyme has been down-to-earth for more than three decades, we have improved ourselves step by step, established the national and international certified factory and laboratory, recruited the best biotechnologist for research and development, honoured with multiple patents and publications. We insisted to be consistent from research, production to sales, in order to check on each step carefully. We manufactured each of our products with the intention of giving back to the society; every product should bring people happiness and health. Each bottle of Biozyme enzyme are all naturally extracted nutrient essence, provides the natural fruits and vegetables to the hustle and bustle, these are the smartest supplement and your private health guard.

Brand Purpose
• The pronunciation of “Biozyme” in Chinese language has the meaning of “Great Chinese”; the concept behind the brand name is to appreciate our roots and to embrace the Chinese spirit. As well as to identified the collaboration between traditional regimen and modern theory of nutrition.
• Biozyme retained the ancient wisdom and express in an innovative way, using the most original method to preserve the natural essence. Biozyme provides the essential energy to the body to prolong a healthier life. A healthy cooperation such as Biozyme can act as a seed of health to share love and care around, pass on the happiness to our clients.

Brand Concept
• Nature
Why is Taiwan also known as the “treasure island”? This is because of Taiwan’s exceptional geographic location, Taiwan has both subtropical and tropical zones, there are harvests of various fruits and vegetables from both zones; therefore we have the privileges to use the abundant fruits and vegetables with the greatest quality as the ingredient of our products.
• Health
Apart from other chemical extracted or synthesis nutrient supplements, Biozyme adapted the unique “Microorganism Symbiosis Ferment Technology (MSF)”. Extract the essential nutrients needed by human body from the natural fruits and vegetables.
• Effective
Academic speaking, Biozyme invested in research and published one paper per year to evident the effectiveness of our products. We have earned the trust from a large amount of loyal clients from the past three decades, regardless age and gender.
• Biozyme: Source from the natural, the gentlest yet effective health supplement.

Brand objective – Pioneer to regimen concept
• The idea of “you are what you eat” is actually not effective enough for the human cells to absorb the nutrients. The modern people usually took one single high dosage vitamin as the nutrient supplement, which might cause nutrient unbalance. Vitamins are processed using chemical synthesis, with frequent intake, these are obviously not good for your health, instead might cause a heavy burden to the body. Therefore, the small molecule nutrients obtained from the natural foods are the real key of nutrition.

Biozyme selected – Exclusive advanced fermentation technology (MSF)
• Microorganism Symbiosis Ferment Technology (MSF), using microorganism to transform the beneficial components within natural ingredients to functional product with smaller molecules, which is easier for human body to absorb.
• The fruits and vegetables fermented liquid made by our unique process can retained the active nutrients for easy absorption and utilization. This includes “enzyme”, probiotics secondary metabolite, nucleotide, vitamin, mineral, organic acid, polyphenol, phytochemical, Chinese herbal etc.
• Biozyme is the only company among the world with this unique technology.

Biozyme selected – The strictest fermentation process.
• We insisted on the 540 days completed fermentation cycle, allowing the nutrients and probiotics secondary metabolite to release fully.
• During the 540 days completed fermentation cycle, saccharomycete, lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria were added in different stages, there were 12 different bacteria in this 3 categories. Each stage were carefully monitored by our quality control staffs, the fermentation process in each ferment bucket is regularly monitored.
• Biozyme use individual ferment bucket for fermentation. Allowing each fruits and vegetables to ferment individually depend on the characteristics, and then mixed in different proportion to produce the enzyme product with various effects and formulae.

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