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We,www.socketaccessories.com had been Leading Hand Tools manufacturer since 1970s, We are specialising in manufacturing & developing various Hand Tools, Socket set & related accessories. Which we had been OEM & ODM with many famous brand in US, EU, Mid East and China market. Brands like Stanley, Lux, Tosan, CD Class. Etc.

Our mission is to accomplish all the customer order request with top quality control & most on time delivery at all time. With close monitor of 18+hour online client service feedback system to monitor our client's request at all time, in order to deliver our speedy customer service through out the globe. Also each product quality testing has been quantify by all quantify data by SGS. So each client's order can be monitor & follow up with the up most speedy service & most solid data product quality control at all time. This has been our milestone for the past 30 years of services.

For each different processing & factory partners are co-operating with us for more than 30years in the hand tools industry, thus making us extremly sensitive and agile towards all of the most update processing technology & R&D design for all of the related socket sets accessories.

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