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Relieve menstrual pain, just need to wear our underwear every day!!

Women privacy issues in addition to injections, medication, and pill, there is no easier way to relieve it?

NANOONe developed the menstrual period underwear, this new technology has also been hospital human experimentation, and the results are published on the FDA's database of human experiments which detailed records and to improve the content of the effective human experimentation.

In the same year the records has been published immediately in the International Medical Journal. Journals audit committee, after several advisory and additional documents during the fill piece takes considerable time, manpower and material resources. Finally, NANOONe has a chance to prove and publish on International.

So we cherish this opportunity and are very pleased issue of the attention of the international media to simultaneously.

We understand that because of new modern women busy on work in the century, Several roles are exhausted between work and family, however, some women even been a month to visit troubled by pain, Also must face the fear of once a month, the depressive and headache pain. Hard working and great pressure, is that result was just depend on monthly injections, medication to improve monthly menstrual period?!

With the changes in the environment, such as: environmental pollution, hectic pace of life, eating habits…etc and other health crises occur more. Increasing the risk of cancer and other chronic population more sustainable and age decreased, all these warning, we are reminded to pay attention to their own health care!

Therefore, the spirit of the NANOONe is "natural and health" to reach "consumer demand", hopeful without side effects by high-performance natural fabrics that help people continue to maintain a healthy. With the medical community - the concept of preventive medicine, coincide, prevention is better than cure is the fundamental way away from the pain!

In recent years, the functional fabrics increasingly prevalent, now from ordinary cloth fabric, extending to nanotechnology producing so many fabrics such as cool feeling, fever, thermal insulation, anti-UV ..... etc and so versatile fabrics. However, faced with an array of costumes available in the market, consumers how to choose? When you purchase the most important is to carefully consider the product's raw materials and ingredients, because the quality of raw materials, whether to add a pseudo-dyeing agents are affecting the functionality of the product efficacy.

In addition, the source of raw materials, materials selection and quality control of the dye is very important key. NANOONe raw materials have very strict requirements, its main environmental Tencel is a natural and non-toxic radiation reaction of negative ions yarn fabrics, to be inhibited for the common variety of inflammatory conditions, three characteristics of NANOONe : Safe, non-toxic, non-radiation, and there is scientific evidence of human experiments, published in international journals and so on ... so functional fabrics to both efficacy and safety are high double protection to consumer.

Mission Statement NANOONe, and is based on the promotion of knowledge for the purpose of functional fabrics. So that all consumers have the peace of mind to yourself NANOONe, launched in NANOONe transformation journey, continuing to maintain health, the health of everyone around you and your friends!

Starting today, wear on NANOONe underwear, can effectively reduce your menstrual pain.

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