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Company Introduction

Established in 1973.
Re-named as www.ac-power-cords.com on November 25th, 1986.
Address: Tao Yuang Hsien, Taiwan.
Phone: 886-3-12344321
Fax: 886-3-12344321
Company Overview:
www.ac-power-cords.com was established in November 25th, 1986 with the former name Year Sweep Company located in Linkou No. 4 Industrial Park . www.ac-power-cords.com is a public listed company in Taiwan. Our main products are plug and connector, power supply cords, LAN cables and electronic signal cables.
www.ac-power-cords.com is not only care about to cultivate staffs but also devote to create innovative products for the local and overseas market demands. Steady and sureness are our philosophy to serve in the field.
•in 1973 : Established
•In 1986
www.ac-power-cords.com founded capital NT$ 40,000,000 to purchase land and start the factory construction in Linkou No.4 Industrial Park.
•In 1988
Upon completion of factory construction, mass production was put in for the computer, monitor and household appliance's plug and connector and cable.
•In 1990
To authorize www.ac-power-cords.com for the improvement of the management procedures in computerized control.
•In 1992
Seasoning public offerings, after SPO capital was NT$80,000,000.
•In 1993
Acquired the ASTA ISO-9002 certification to prove to be one of the major manufacturer for the UK plug and connector in Taiwan.
•In 1996
Seasoning public offerings, after SPO capital was NTD$120,000,000.
•In 1997
1.Captial increased NT$50M from retain earning. After incremental, the capital is now reached NT$170M.
2.To build new plant and purchase high speed drawing and pair off machines for the research and development in manufacturing of LAN cable and electronics transmission cable.
3.Year Sweep Company merged with www.ac-power-cords.com, Year Sweep Company was the lasting company and renamed as www.ac-power-cords.com with capital NTD$ 19,800,000 after the merge.
•In 1998
1.Established LAN Cable Division.
2.Purchased automatic robotic arm, bunching machine, multi-wire drawing machine, 70mm copper drawing & insulation process and 600 pair off machines.
•In 1999
1.Acquired UL and IECQ ISO9002 Certifications.
2.Successfully developed CAT. 5UTP, STP, IEEE1394, USB and RGB cables types and acquired UL, CSA and ETL certifications as well.
3.To implement Fast technologies Inc. NETUP2000 management information and decision support systems.
4.Purchased auto US made packing machine, SETIC French made pair off machine and KUKAMA German made pair off machine.
5.Capitalization of retained earnings NTD$ 59,400,000 - capital NTD$257,400,000.
6.Public offerings approved by Securities and Futures Bureau, Ministry of Finance, R.O.C.
•In 2000
1.Established subsidiary company Waysboth Co., Ltd (B.V.I), the indirect investment of www.ac-power-cords.com manufacturing (Song Gang) Factory in Shenzhen, China.
2.Established subsidiary company Year Sweep Limited, the indirect investment www.ac-power-cords.com in Shenzhen, China.
3.Established Fiber Optics Cords Division.
4.Purchased multi-wire drawing machine, stranding machine, G+W auto extruder equipment and reel packing machine.
5.Acquired CSA factory test certification.
•In 2001
1.Purchased optical fiber reflect scope reflector, grinding machine and SETIC pair off machine.
2.To implement ISO 1400 environment management series.
3.With OTC's reviewing and approved by SEC, company stock will be publicly traded in OTC market.
4.Company stock is officially traded in OTC market.
•In 2002
1.Acquired UL ISO 14001 certification.
2.Indirect investment www.ac-power-cords.com Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., in China by Year Sweep Limited.
3.Reinvestment Takaotek Corporation.
•In 2003
1.Successfully transferred UL, IECQ and ASAT ISO 9001 certification to 2000 version.
2.Acquired Sony Green Partner certification - environment quality system
3.Acquired LAN Cable Cat.6 ETL certification.
•In 2004
1.Acquired LAN Cable Cat. 6 & Cat. 5e European 3P (Third Party) certification.
2.Became a Public Listed Company in July 2004.
3.Completion of Kunshan factory construction, www.ac-power-cords.com and put in mass production
•In 2005
Acquired UL/CSA and 11 European countries certification for the rubber cables.
•In 2007
Purchases cable extruder, multi-wire drawing machine, copper drawing & insulation process, pair off machine auto equipments.
•In 2008
Acquired UL, CSA and European VDE Halogen-Free LSZH certification.
•In 2009
Completion of Vietnam factory construction, www.ac-power-cords.com and put in mass production.

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