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Racing Tech Auto Parts Group Co.,Ltd is one of the renowned manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Car Parts, with a factory in Taiwan. With years of experience in the line of making , we are known for our outstanding performance in the industry. We have helped ourselves as one of the leading brand in Taiwan. We constantly upgrade our products to meet the international standards. We hold a team of professionals, which provides on time deliveries with high quality.Our sincerity and hard work has helped us match our quality with international standards.
1985 we start this business as a machining shop for domestic customers, for promoting the development of Car Parts, we always investing the latest equipments to support & move our customers' quality improving and beyond their competitors.

1998 the market began changing and instability, we got more & more demands from customers and decided to expand our factory and our area increased from 800 square meters to 1800 square meters, followed by 10 years our customers were changed from domestic to international, and the challenge also become more tough than before.

2006 we build the brand of RT / Racingtech to serve more customers' demands, since the car models are created more than before; new models announce stay in a regular period of time; so our customers started to ask us to supply not only machined parts but also semi-finished and finished parts to share their development project and speed up their products marketing based on we can reach their quality standard.

"German Quality, Taiwan Cost", it makes us have a duty to make our products as serious as we can to follow the leader of car industry, it's the expect and mission to everyone in RACINGTECH for presenting products stable & safety to all the car users.

ENVIROMENT FRIENDLY, it's our duty to reduce wasting and chemical harming to environments; we startedto make the Aluminum forged parts with its original color after heat treatment, its surface wear on a hardener coating after heating which is an excellent protection to Aluminum and we reduce using chemical solution to clean it for avoiding population happened for this surface cleaning. But most people still care about the out looking on the parts, so it's a long way to go on, we will keep to communicate with customers getting all support for this issue.

It's our target to do the right thing to the future, to the earth and we looking for your kindiness understanding & great joining.
Our sincerity and hard work have helped us to match the quality of our
Car Parts
with international standards. According to the different kinds of manufacture demands, we offer perfect services to you.

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