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www.waterproofclothes.net wants to give the consumers good quality function fiber products in reasonable price, and to let every consumer be proud of wearing high-tech knitted products made in Taiwan. And we also want to promote our products into international marketing.
www.waterproofclothes.net starts in being the agent of a Japanese bamboo charcoal brand in 2002 and devotes itself a lot to Taiwan function fiber marketing. We do everything for being closer to the needs of our consumers. And now www.waterproofclothes.net is trusted deeply and loved by the consumers because of these years’ efforts.
As time goes by, the surroundings has changed, but our insists has never been changed. We 're making our goods more perfect.
We want our consumers to wear the well-designed and functional outfits. We have four important brand values which are "the true, the good, the beautiful, the new." The true means we use the true material. The good means the feeling while our consumers wear our goods. The beautiful is the stylish and vogue design. The new means we want to develop new products to satisfy the consumer's needs.
In the future, www.waterproofclothes.net will go on and keep working on new and various development.
www.waterproofclothes.net takes the responsibility in running the brands and the factory, and continuously develops and promotes new products with environment-protecting material. www.waterproofclothes.net invites famous professional designers to create the high quality goods to cope with the products with poor quality in the market.
Our design is suitable for human's body and also very stylish. www.waterproofclothes.net asks all the goods to be comforting and beautiful to satisfy the consumers.
And www.waterproofclothes.net also make a lot of efforts on bamboo charcoal and functional fiber healthy goods into the international marketing to make the consumers overseas have a healthier life.

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