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Royal Garden of Hand Woven Flowers
Browse through every Chinese dynesty, clothes and ornament system has been regulated status of royals and civils.In Tang, the queen was confered a title with twelve flower hairpins, meanwhile the princess with 9 flower hairpins.Court ladies fixed their hair with ornaments called " wings".A spoon cast was roasted on the fire, then press it on the flower- shaped cloth.Due to tedious produres, very few people own the technique.The performance an artist presents is only one.Unique fabrics and dyeing skills. Silk, velour, organdy, cotton, satin available.Overlap color assortment. Iron, twist, tear and pull into curved lines.When the petal is shaped, insert the bud to be a finished product.Artworks range among brooches, necklaces, waist ornaments, bracelets, hair ornaments, shoe ornaments, household decoration and window design.A crew of internationally certified professional designers will customize your orders.Handmade only, the quantity is reserved in advance.

Blend ecological features of nature in our daily life
1.Ecological features
It takes 2 hours for a trained teacher to make the expression and posture of each flower.The expression and posture will be different when the same teacher is making the same flower.Every flower has its own expression and posture. It is only one because it is hand-made only.
2.Mimicking Real Flowers
Capture the original colors of real flowers, which stand out the reality of the colors.The flowers can be manipulated by our hands and they can last for over a decade."Fresh flowers" in the summer wither within 3 days; "Fresh flowers" in the winter die within one week.We mimic real flowers and keep the flowers at the most brilliant moment.
3.Abstract Creation
Extend unlimited imagination based on real flowers, such as window design.It varies into seasonal colors and ranges of colors, and gogeous colors.For example, gold, silver, grey silver or grey gold might vary into hundreds of shiny gold ranges.It can't be compared with artificial flowers, especially the splendor of gold range is various.
Flexibily customized. From little things, earrings, rings, to large scale-window design in the department store, we customize the specifical demands.
5.In addition to gold-made flowers
We capture the spirit-expression and posture and create the flowers from the nature.They are pricy because of hand-made only

Spirit of Teamwork: We are a family, and a family is all of us.
1.Research & Development Department
A flower was born. R & D staff take charge of its evolution, which is from sprouting, leafing,
blossom, fruiting, drying, falling to withering.R & D department collects data, check fabrics and colors, categorize spring, summer, fall and winter.Discuss the works with marketing and manufacturing departments.Simulate the posture and the expression from nature. Bring heartwarming to every house.

These are the dreams of team design.
2.Marketing Department:
Every street from cities to towns, they visit shops, and take polls among the crowd. They creat a work through their brainstorm and different resources.Then discuss and modify it. Only to present the truest dress of the nature for everyone.
3.Manufacturing department:
The technique originated from our Chinese ancestors. We are grateful.Each petal/leaf/branch contains the wisdom of the ancestors within.Thank God!

Management Philosophy
Bring homes heart-warm--you are my most love. Whenever I visited the countryside to observe the plants from the nature,I kept it in mind that I
would present the dress of the nature --posture & expression to every family.To as far as snowy places and deserts forever.

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