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www.flashmemorydrive.net, established in 2009 by professionals with over 10 years of experience in electronic and IT industries. In addition to provide you with the latest products and technology, www.flashmemorydrive.net also provide services include industry surveys, supply chain surveys, vendor selection, procurement and price surveys, mass production schedule monitoring, and quality monitoring .www.flashmemorydrive.net is your organization extension in Asia, in order to guarantee your prosperous future and competitive edge. If you have any inquiries regarding our products and services, please contact our Taiwan headquarters or any one of our overseas liaison offices.

Company Service
Industry Survey
A complete industry survey is one of the services provided by www.flashmemorydrive.net. This survey covers:
- Trend of Product Development
- Trend of New Production Technology
- Trend of Price Changes
- Trend of Competition Analysis
These are key considerations in deciding whether to move into a new industry. With the agreement signed between customer and www.flashmemorydrive.net, www.flashmemorydrive.net will submit the complete industry survey reports to customer within the designated timeframe.

Supply Chain Survey
Seizing the correct supply chain is a key to timely launch for the product, and time to market. Our supply chain survey encompasses:
- Researching the manufacturers’ capability to purchase materials and their relationship with material vendors
- Researching the manufacturers’ financial status as well as its abilities and capabilities in crisis management.
With the contract between customer and www.flashmemorydrive.net, www.flashmemorydrive.net researches and submits supply chain choices for the customers’ selection.

Specification Punctuality
Determining whether your supply chain can punctually provide the products to meet the customer’s demands is crucial to the product’s success.www.flashmemorydrive.net will, with the customer’s authorization:
- Ensure/secure the supply chain with a clear understanding of the
customer’s specifications.
- Ensure/secure the supply chain completes timely product
- Ensure/secure the supply chain completes all necessary tests and
certification before the stage of mass production.

Procurement and Price Survey
The perfect blend of specifications and prices is what generates profit and promises a large market share of the product.
With the contract between customer and www.flashmemorydrive.net, www.flashmemorydrive.net checks and monitors supply chains periodically on behalf of customer on:
- Cost Structure
- Cost Down Plan
- Component Substitution Management
- Crisis Management Ability of Material Shortage
- Trend of Material Cost Changes
- Management of Long-Lead-Time Material
As a representative of customer in Asia, Opus establishes and maintains solid relationships with manufacturers as well as material suppliers.

Manufacturing and Quality Monitoring
Reliable supply chains, perfect product specifications, and cost advantages must be matched with a quality product in order to secure the ultimate victory www.flashmemorydrive.net represents the customer in engaging in negotiations with material vendors and manufacturers to:
- Set the quality standard for incoming materials and finished goods
- Manage/Conduct on-site shipping inspection and quality assurance
- Secure customer’s shipping schedule
- Execute customer’s sudden cut-in purchase orders, and urgent requests
Act as an extension of customer’s organization in Asia, www.flashmemorydrive.net co-works with customers to conserve human resources and operation costs, ensure precise communication and effective time management, and handle pressing matters or crises.

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