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Company Introduction

With more than 26 years experiences in head parts and bottom bracket parts, the well-known "www.bike-headset.com" brand provides not only superior quality and efficiency but also competitive prices and prompt delivery.

www.bike-headset.com is also extremely flexible and adaptable to changes in business conditions as well as in customer requirements. The market oriented management concept as well as the company policy "Customers www.bike-headset.com, Service the Best" has gained very positive feedback and has convinced us that this is the highest priority to enhance as this will lead to further success.

Facing ever increasing waves of competition throughout Asia, as well as other parts of the world, www.bike-headset.com is committed to manufacturing exclusively in Taiwan.

The President of www.bike-headset.com components, Johnson Li said "Although competition is always a motivation for continuous improvement, the vicious circle of price competition among competitors has lead enterprises eventually to the end of their business.

Over the next few years, www.bike-headset.com is committed to achieving the customers needs by upgrading, innovation, and strategic alliances here in Taiwan, and throughout the world as we believe that Taiwan-made parts are unbeatable in performance, quality, and price."

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Company Name www.bike-headset.com
Country/Region Taiwan
City Taichung
Address Tachia Town
Telephone +886-4-12344321
Fax +886-4-12344321
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Website www.bike-headset.com