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Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Earphone, Speaker, Bluetooth Products, Wireless Digital Headphones.

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Established in 1998, www.wireless-headphone-supplier.com is mainly engaged in the design, manufacturing and sale of a wide range of electro-acoustic products, including all kinds of wireless headphones and wireless speakers for audio, communication, multimedia, and car industries. All these products are sold on an ODM and OEM basis to well-known brands and international customers.

For nearly 10 years, www.wireless-headphone-supplier.com has been building a good reputation as one of the China... More

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Company Name www.wireless-headphone-supplier.com
Country/Region China
City Bao'an Dist, Shenzhen, P.R.C
Address Gushu
Telephone +86-755-12344321
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Website www.wireless-headphone-supplier.com