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Plated Heat Exchanger

Plated Heat Exchanger

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Subject Plated Heat Exchanger
Item No. K030
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Industrial Supplies Hardware > Machinery > Plate Heat Exchanger

Detailed Product Description

1. High thermal efficiency.
2. Compact (weight & space reduction), high durability, cost effective.
3. Suitable on high working pressure & temperature systems.
4. Low pressure drop, high corrosion resistance.
5. No gasket; no leakage, easy installation, easy replacement, less maintenance.
6. Variable materials, several options.
7. Quality assurance.

1. Widely used in various fluid media (cooling/Heating):
Organic solvents
Various brine solutions (glycol mixtures, EG, PG, alcohols etc)
All types of refrigerant (R410A, CO2, R407c, R134a); Ammonia (nickel brazed)

2. Suitable for various equipment:
Fuel cell Systems
Heat pumps
Industrial chillers; plastic injection molding machines, hydraulic machines, and compressor oil cooling
Semiconductor facilities cooling
Refrigeration system and cold storage system;
Refrigerated Air dryer
Water cooler; drinking water or process water for various industries
Constant Temp. & Humi. Chamber
Heat recovery system
Extrusion machine
Chemical, Biodiesel, Pharmaceutical industries cooling system
Laser cutting machine, Laser welding machine
Wind power gear box
Ice rink

3. Brazed plate heat exchanger can be used as:
Evaporators, Condensers
Superheat, Subcoolers
Economizers, Watercoolers
Oil coolers, Intermediate heat exchanger (precool, preheat)
Issue Time:   2018-07-11
Expire Time:   2019-02-17

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