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Shoji Divider

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Shoji Divider

Shoji Divider

Product Parameters

Product Name Shoji Divider
Item No. TS-203
Supply Type Sell
Category Construction > Door,Window > Japanese Door

Detailed Product Description

1. This form is simple and elegant shoji door type, but also engaging and beautiful.
2. The sandwich material is the shoji paper or Acrylic.
3. Acrylic has appearance of shoji paper but is a rigid sheet 2mm thick. It’s resistant to water and weather, and can be used in place of glass.
4. Our shoji are double sided, meaning kumiko(grid pattern) on both sides of the shoji paper for strength and support.
5. The embed wheels underneath the shoji doors enable easy sliding
6. Locks for shoji doors can be fitted
7. Shoji doors can be painted with wood protection paint.
8. Our current wood of choice for the shoji frame and shoji doors are Douglas Fir. Fukien cypress, Yellow cedar, Spruce Pine Fir and other woods are also available.

Shoji door- Traditional type

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