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Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Tin Plate Can, Tin Can, Tin Containers, 3 Piece Can, Food Cans, Beverage Can.

Company Introduction

www.tinscans.com is one of the top three tinplate can maker in China, which includes www.tinscans.com, www.tinscans.com, and will have new factory in Fuijan Fongsan in the future. Our company concentrated on China Market since 1993 when we established in Fujian. We specializes in manufacturing various food and beverage metal packaging products, such as the full-opening three-fold beverage cans, the stay-tab opening cans, metal cans and packaging cans for foods, offering tin cutting, printing, ca... More

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Company Name www.tinscans.com
Country/Region Taiwan
City Taichung City 40360
Address 6F-2 NO.199, Sec.1
Telephone +886-4-23291339
Fax +886-4-23291439
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